Text Dating UK 66365 Terms and Conditions

By using Text Dating UK 66365 you are confirming that you are aged 18 or over, you must agree to the following:
I agree to read and agree to the contents of the terms and conditions below before using the service. I understand this a UK based SMS contact, chat and dating service and not a marriage bureau. Dating cannot be guaranteed,
I affirm that as of this moment, I am an adult, at least 18 years of age.
To join the service you must text DATE1 to shortcode 66365.
You will be charged standard network rates for all sms text messages sent to 66365 and £1.50 (plus your phone company's access charge) for each 5 messages sent to and received on 07 numbers, including profile messages received. If you send in a text message longer than 140 characters to an 07 number your sms may be split into two or more messages, and could be answered by two or more messages.
You will be asked to confirm your age, plus the sex and age of the people you wish to contact, by replying to a free message.
A separate message will invite you to respond with an introduction message to be sent to other members.
Assuming that you have confirmed that you are over 18, you will receive a message billed at £1.50 plus your phone company's access charge.
Introduction messages will be checked prior to being forwarded to other matching members. You may not put any contact details in your introduction messages, nor use any for profane or intimidating language, racist or other threats and gross sexual indecency ? these publicly available messages are moderated prior to being sent out to other members.
You will receive introduction messages from other matching members. You may also receive messages from other members in response to your introduction.
Messages from other members come from a mobile number to which you can respond directly. These messages will be forwarded by Text Dating UK to the member. The number that the messages come from is not the members mobile number and it is thus possible to exchange messages anonymously.
Messages which you send to other members will be checked for foul or intimidating language, racist or other threats and gross sexual indecency. Such messages will not be forwarded and you will be warned and barred from use of the service if these are repeated.
After 7 billed messages have been received, you will receive a free message reminding you of the cost of the service and instructing you to send the word MORE in order to continue to chat. Alternatively, if you continue interacting with other profiles by replying to any of their messages, you agree to continue using the service and further charges will be incurred.
You can temporarily stop receiving Text Dating UK messages till the next day by sending SUSPEND to the short code 66365. Send MORE to 66365 when you want to start receiving messages again.
Pictures cost £1.50 each plus your phone company's access charge. Profiles with pictures will have a notification at the end of their profile message instructing you to send a keyword to 66088. All messages sent to 66088 will be charged at £1.50 plus your phone company's access charge.
If you send a picture request to 66088 you will receive a text message back with a link to that picture you requested. This link is only temporarily accessible. If you wish to keep the image download it to your phone.
We cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the picture uploaded by any one member is a picture of that member
Any picture you send to 07730 414444 will be moderated, and if approved will be attached to your profile for others to download, and may be used in our other services, or the services of our partners.
Pictures of obscene or lewd acts will be barred by our moderators and you may be barred from the service.
Our system does not allow pictures to be sent directly between users. Any image sent to 07730 414444 and that is approved by moderators will be added to your profile, and may be seen by other users. If you try to send an image directly to another user using our service it will not be delivered and we cannot be held responsible.
If you do arrange to meet someone through the Text Dating UK service, please take sensible precautions. Arrange to meet in a public place and tell somebody where you are going.
If you have any difficulties with or questions about the service there is a 24 hour help line available on 0844 445 7356.
You must be the bill payer, or have the bill payers permission to use this service. If someone uses your phone without permission we cannot be held responsible for any costs they incur. SMS messages received may appear on your phone bill. Remember you are responsible for paying your bill. Only spend what you can afford.
You must check your mobile handset is WAP or browser enabled in order to use the service. Photos may be sent over WAP. Please look at your phone manual or contact your network for more information. You may be charged by your network downloading photos in a browser or for viewing photos over wap - contact your network for more info. You may incur charges when downloading certain services to your mobile phone. We advise you to contact your network for more information on wap/download charges.
We are not responsible if your photo or video cannot be viewed, or if you cannot view the photos or videos sent to you. You may need to remove your premium rate content bar with your network to use this service, and or to view photos. If you have not removed your content bar (aka 18+ content lock, premium rate content lock) it is possible you wont receive messages in reply after texting into 66365, or you may receive a message from your network stating there is a bar/content/premium rate content lock. To remove your content bar please contact your phone networks customer services, or visit their website for how to remove an adult bar/18+ content lock.
Once you have initiated a service on 66365 or any shortcode operated by us, you will be considered "opted-in" to receive promotions related to The Service, and other similar services. Some free promotional messages may be sent to users for up to 6 months after last using the service. By using the service you are agreeing to this. If you call our opt out phoneline 0844 445 7356 you can opt out of promotional message you will not receive these messages. Simply leave a message including your mobile number and tell us you require to opt out.
This service is strictly for over 18s. The Services It is not suitable for use by children. Parents and guardians are responsible for the actions of any children that use our Services.
All of the main UK mobile networks can use this service. Some networks do not allow premium rate text messages to be sent or received, check with your network.
Some free automated instructional messages may be sent for information purposes only.
66365 is not a subscription service. But if you cease to use the service you will receive profiles until you reach a spend of £10.50, unless you text STOP to 66365 after which no further chargeable messages will be sent to your phone. The only messages which you may receive after cessation are free promotional messages.
You may exit any Premium Rate Service by sending an SMS message containing the word STOP to the short code from which you have been receiving messages.
To stop this service text STOP to 66365 (not case sensitive). We do our best to make sure the stop command is instant but in rare cases there can be a short delay where messages can still be delivered to you. If messages are in the system but havent been delivered to you by your network you may still receive them after sending in the stop command. If you are a PAYG (pay as you go) user you may be barred from our service if you do not have enough credit to send & receive messages. If you top up and have funds, messages that are pending can still be sent to you and you may be charged. When you send in STOP to 66365 you will receive a STOP request processed message. If you do not want to receive any more texts - DO NOT reply to this message. Also, if you send STOP to 66088, or 83455 you will be charged £1.50 for any message sent to these shortcodes.
We do not share or resell your data or mobile number.
We recommend you never give out personal information on any text service, unless you are sure you want to.
By texting in to 66365, I release and discharged the providers and owners of this service from any and all liability which might arise. In replying to a promotion, you are initiating the advertised service. You have a right to cancel the promotions or services. You will not be entitled to any refund of that fee.
By submitting by mobile to 66365, 69365, 89398, 88199, 69866, 66088, 83455 or 07730 414444 or any number operated by Xonadu any content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like text profiles, photos and videos ("IP content"), you specifically give us the following permission; you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to Xonadu an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free and sub-licensable worldwide licence to use, copy, display and distribute such Content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such Content and to grant and authorise sub licenses of such Content. In respect of any such dealings by Xonadu and its sub-licensees, you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably waive any moral rights which you may have in the Content under Part 1, Chapter IV of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and any similar or corresponding foreign rights.
MOBILE CREDITING This service may from time to time run promotions offering to add credit to your phone. This service is ONLY available to mobile users on the T-Mobile, Orange and Three networks and the user must be signed up to one of our text services on 66365, 88199, 69866, 66088 to participate in the promotion. Mobile Credits add a monetary value of £1.50 (plus your phone company's access charge) credit to your phone bill which can then be spent on your mobile network including calls, mms and texts. Only users who have received an sms informing them of the promotion may benefit from these promotions. This service is sometimes offered to users who send photos to 07730 414 444. Photos must be of the user who owns the phone and they agree to our usage of the photos as described in the clause above dealing with intellectual property rights. We are able to credit both contract and pay as you go phones on T-Mobile, Orange and Three in units of £1.50. But only one £1.50 credit is allowed per phone. We will send you a text confirming that a credit has been applied. If you are a contract user this credit will appear on your phone bill, but the way it is shown varies between networks. Some permit the text to be defined by us, but in some cases a generic description such as ?Credit? may be used. Credits are usually applied in real time to PAYG users, but please note that although a successful outcome may be provided by a network, contract users on certain networks will not have the credit applied until their next bill.
We have no liability to you or any other person resulting from any losses or damages that you or anyone else may incur. Similarly, we have no liability if another person makes use of your mobile phones without your permission. We accept no liability for associated acts, omission or errors of providers of telecommunication Services or for faults in or failures of their networks and equipment.
By using the service you give us an assurance that if you have a problem of any kind with the service you will contact us on 0844 445 7356 (you cannot text this number) or fill in the online form first with the problem and allow us due time to sort it out, rather than contact any other organisations whatsoever. Alternately, email support@x-on.co.uk
We are Xonadu a subsidiary of Storacall Technology Ltd, Technology Centre, Station Road, Framlingham, Suffolk IP13 9EZ

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