It's the cheapest
way to use our
service from your

Standard network rates apply.

Cheap Phone Chat Room calls

Create your account today with
a credit or debit card.
Just call 0207 966 1666
  • Call the service on a 0207 number.
  • Prepay for your minutes on your mobile.
  • Safe, private and secure access.

  • No premium rate numbers on your phone bill.

Our credit card facility gives you the cheapest way to access our phone chat service on your mobile.
No premium numbers are used or hidden charges as you just pre-pay for the minutes you use.
Create an account for £10 and get 170 talk time minutes.
This works out to be just 6p/min.
You can top up in units of £10, £20 or £30.
Once you have an account future top ups will be charged at £10 for 56 minutes of talking time.
Happy chatting!

If you like our service, then why not try setting up a prepaid account using your credit or debit card. If you don't want to use 08 numbers or don't want these numbers appearing on your phone bill or even want to call our service from overseas then using our 0207 pre-pay service is the best method for you to get chatting right now.

This is a perfect way to get the best and cheapest phone chat on your mobile phone as you'll probably have free minutes to call UK landline numbers included in your mobile package. Set up an account today to get your unique account number and pin.
Set up your account in three easy steps!

Dial 0207 966 1666 From your landline or mobile.
Remember as it's an 020 number so there are no expensive 08 numbers on your mobile.


Enter the service by pressing the star (*) key twice.

1. Existing account.
2. Info and set up new account.


Set up an account with our customer agent and receive an account and PIN to use on the service.

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